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What I miss most being a celiac is not the taste of Italian pizza. It's not the ease of grabbing food when you are on the go. It's sharing actually.

When I go to restaurants with colleagues or friends we usually search for a place where I can find something to eat. (Eating salad is not considered eating.) When we order drinks I don't mind ordering wine when all the others choose beer. However, I appreciate it when someone aks me to share a bottle of wine. Sharing food is a lot more difficult for celiacs. In some places I have to order food without sauces or spices. Who else would want to try that? So I have to order carefully knowing that I would have to eat the dish even though I might not like it. Most of the times, I order more food than I can eat by myself. So that others can try my food (with clean forks) even though I cannot try theirs. I don't like it when people digg in to my dish and pretend they like it if they don't. If they don't like it, most of the times I don't either.

Staying in and cooking at home is easier. I love to invite friends to my place. And I don't mind shopping gluten-free food for everyone even though gluten-free groceries are much more expensive. It is a really good feeling when you do not have to pay attention to dirty forks that could attack your food or contageous sauces when it's gluten-free time for everyone.

I have a couple of friends that I fully trust to prepare food for me. Thank you Gabi, Nina, Christoph, Jörg, Zach and Mama for sharing.

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Aco Moha Dear Kati,

I totally agree on the feeling of sharing food and trusting other peoples share.
One of the most effective ways of strechening your social ties is share, either it is a cigar, a drink, or a meal.
Sharing food is a rather healthier and simpler way to build up your social network, keep contact with your friends, specially when you can't join for a dinner in a chinese place !.

One way is what you do, inviting them over. On the other hand, one have a bigger circle of Glutenfree friends and enjoy the expierence sharing. Besides one can even get invited to other people's place!

I was wondering if there is a way, (i. e. meeting/ social club/ organisation) that one can make new Glutenfree friends in Germany. And if there isn't a simple fun enough way, maybe we can start one!

May you stay far from Gluten!

Aco form Berlin.
7 years ago


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