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12 years ago by Kati Comments: 2

Welcome to!

On you can find everything you need to know about celiac disease: the most important information about the disease, book recommendations and blog entries about leading a gluten-free life. We have been gluten free for about two and a half years. Kati has no choice and Jörg just doesn't like to eat alone. Celiacs are rare and living gluten free is not always easy. We want to show you that you are not alone with your disease, even if it sometimes feels like that.

Get involved! Do you know a restaurant that offers gluten-free dishes, but is still missing in our list? Do you know about a celebrity who eats gluten-free? We'll talk to him or her! Do you have a secret recipe that you want share with us? Write us. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Kati and Jörg

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Kati Hi Kristin,

thank you for your feedback and the book recommendation. You can find it here now:

I think I am going to order it myself right away!

Cheers, Kati 12 years ago
Kristin Hey Kati, Hey Jörg

A really great thing you've built up here! I love the German version and think that the English one is going to be great, too!

While looking for celebrities with celiac disease I found a pretty cool one: The cartoonist who draw Batman, Green Lantern, Scooby-Doo,.... His name is Joe Staton and he took part in a project which would be great to find on your "books" page! It's called "Amy Goes Gluten Free".

So far - Kristin 12 years ago


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What I miss most being a celiac is not the taste of Italian pizza. It's not the ease of grabbing food when you are on the go. It's sharing actually.

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