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Gluten-free supermarket

San Francisco is artsy, peculiar and healthy. When I was there in November a friend recommended a gluten-free supermarket to me. I went with my colleagues to check it out. The store was small but EVERYTHING in there was gluten-free. I have never seen so much gf food in one place. There was a whole shelf with pasta and another one with bread and another with...

I discovered some well known products that I can buy at home. But I also found some gluten-free Asian rice crackers, crisp bread with dried tomato flavor and buckwheat ciabatta bread which I bought to make burgers.

Topher, who was running the shop, was a landscape designer, a painter and a well traveled woman. She told us about her experiences cycling through the snow in Berlin. Even in San Francisco it takes a special woman to create a special store – a gluten-free paradise.

Next time, you are in San Francisco, you should definitely check it out and say hi to Topher from me: Gluten Free Grocery, 660 Illinois street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

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