What is celiac disease? And what about Glutenfreiheit?


What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease is caused by a genetic predisposition. It is triggered by gluten, a protein that is found in wheat, barley or oat. Thus, celiacs cannot eat any pizza, pasta, beer anymore.

Gluten can trigger symptoms like diarrhea, deficiency symptoms and cancer in the worst case. The only treatment is a lifelong, gluten-free diet. Without exceptions!

And Glutenfreiheit?

At Glutenfreiheit you can find everything related to celiac disease: the most important information on the disease, book recommendations and blog entries that tell of a gluten-free life. We eat gluten free for more than two years now. Kati has to and Jörg does not like to eat alone.

Celiacs are rare and living gluten-free life is not always fun. We want to show you that you are not alone with your disease, even if it sometimes feels like it.

Who is behind the scenes of Glutenfreiheit?

Kati's gluten-free Blog

Kati writes about her personal everyday experiences with celiac disease. Gluten-free experiences, gluten-related problems and more about celiac disease.

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News and News and News

News about celiac disease and gluten-free diet. Contests, surveys and other gluten-free news.

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More Knowledge

In our encyclopedia celiacs can find the most important information about celiac disease from A to Z.

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